Our Leadership Team comprises of a strong blend of Strategic, Commerical, Financial, Operational & Project Management expertise.

The focus is to have an efficient and agile approach which allows for decisions to be made efficiently but professionally. Our team is experienced, commerically and techncially minded and the majority have worked together for a number of years.  We are answerable to the company as a whole for the decisions that we take and have an ongoing Action Plan related to our key goals for each year, which we continue to focus on to ensure that we get to where we want to get to.  Our four core areas of focus are:

  • Customer Focus
  • Financial Performance
  • People Focus
  • Our Quality Management System

Our Delivery Team of over 30 people focuses on delivering excellence in Pharmaceutical Consulting, Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance.

Alan White

Alan White CEO

Alan White is the CEO of Arriello and has led the organization since 2008.  He comes from Manchester, United Kingdom.  He has a strong background in management and commercial activities in the Pharmaceutical industry and graduated in Business Management from University in Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

His leadership of the company has taken Arriello from being a company of 3 people to over 30 today internally with a reach in all continents globally.  Today, Alan is responsible for Sales & Marketing management of the group and in developing strategic partnerships globally.  LinkedIn | Twitter

Anna Lukyanova

Anna Lukyanova COO

Anna Lukyanova is the COO of Arriello and has led the operations of the organization since 2008.  She originates from Satka, Russia.  She has a strong background in Pharmacovigilance and Operations Management as well as commercial activities in the Pharmaceutical industry and graduated in International Business from University in Virginia, United States. 

Her focus on developing a robust Operations Structure within the group has allowed the business to grow with strength across its three locations of United States, Ireland and Czech Republic. Anna now focuses on supporting the technical pre-sales of the group, most notably applying her Pharmacovigilance experience, alongside managing her direct reports in Operations. LinkedIn

Michael Sandys

Michael Sandys Intragroup Finance and Legal Director

Michael Sandys is the Intragroup Finance and Legal Director of Arriello.  He is from Ireland and is located in Dublin.  His background is in accounting and taxation and he is a Chartered Accountant.  He has a wealth of experience in contract management.  He has been with the organisation since 2011 and today is responsible for ensuring that the group remains compliant in all contractual aspects.

He graduated from Glenstal with an FCA in Accounting.

Martin Studenic

Martin Studenic Finance and Accounting - Czech Republic

Martin is responsible for working with the Arriello team to ensure that the company manages growth correctly and efficiently and that we ensure good financial relationships with our partners.  
He is responsible for the P&L of Arriello and his activities include preparing the company budget, cash flow forecast, monthly YTD forecasts and other activities as per the Management Team requirements.

He has a great understanding of the Pharmaceutical industry as well, based upon his previous experience in charge of finance at Sanitas.  Martin has a Masters degree in Economics.  LinkedIn

Paul Stanton

Paul Stanton Strategic Advisor to Board

Paul Stanton works with Arriello as a strategic consultant, focused on developing the strategy of the group and helping to ensure that this is maintained across all verticals. He is a healthcare industry veteran with proven experience of leading successful businesses in multiple market segments including pharmaceuticals, over the counter medicines, food supplements, personal care and medical devices. 

Paul has undertaken projects in North & Latin America, South East Asia, in the Middle East and most European countries across a broad spectrum of project areas but all underpinned by a distinct need to initiate and deliver change. This has been something Arriello has managed to take advantage of and with Paul’s international and Pharmaceutical expertise, has led to a sustainable growth and maturity in the business as it continues to grow.  LinkedIn