Quality Management

We are an ISO9001:2015 Certified Organisation.  In order to meet clients expectations, we are committed to strict adherence to and continuously improving our processes.

Customers’ Input

We listen to our customers and verify their expectations while actively seeking their input to improve our services and processes.

Suppliers’ as our Business Partners

We work closely with our suppliers/vendors and support them in their process improvements in order to build a strong partnership leading to satisfying our customers.

Our Processes

Our processes are designed in line with lean principles and we continuously adapt them in order to reflect the their primary output – customer satisfaction and meeting regulatory requirements.

Our Employees

Due to the character of our business all our employees have got direct influence on the quality of our services. We therefore pay special attention to their selection, training, continuous development and their motivation.

The management of the company shall ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements pertaining to services and markets.

Our Stakeholders

As an integral part of our community we strive to be valuable partners, acting ethically and respecting the environment we operate in.