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We recognise that if you may be outside a market that you wish to enter, such as Europe, or you do not have the scope or desire to develop your own PV system.  You may already have a PV system in place, encompassing many different systems and processes and they are starting to become a major headache, both technically, strategically and financially.  

In either scenario, if you are considering how to work beyond what you have now or are looking at the potentially great investment in time, money and experience in a complete Pharmacovigilance system, you may want to consider another approach – Arriello TotalPV™

Our solution is end to end, starting from Global PV through to managing all Local PV activities - in one harmonised approach. 

Our experience has been over many years that simply offering EU or Global Pharmacovigilace is no longer enough. Equally, working with many local vendors and lots of different SOPS and systems is very inefficient and actually likely to be non-compliant in an audit situation.

As companies such as yours seek to minimise risk, harmonise management of data and simplify the process, Global PV and Local PV become two areas that are rapidly becoming one.

We are almost unique in having the expertise to offer both a complete Global Pharmacovigilance and Local Pharmacovigilance package.  Arriello TotalPV™ is completely unique as it combines these two services and is harmonised in its approach. We take a risk-based approach to looking at how you are managing all of your Pharmacovigilance processes, infrastructure and teams from every angle.  

You may already have a network in place of partners, vendors and in-house local expertise. You may have an in-house system that needs refining.  What we offer is the ability to take all of these functions and harmonise the way that they work under our management.

Most importantly, we understand that you may still want or need some involvement.  We work with our clients and their existing infrastructure and teams(for example databases, local vendors) to integrate the PV function. 

If you are considering your options in how to take on the challenge of having a TOTAL Pharmacovigilance system, or if you are working with a partner that is not giving you focused, responsive support then we are ready to talk to about how Pharmacovigilance can be better with our unique TotalPV approach.

Business Cases

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    Local Pharmacovigilance Management

    Global Pharma Company, United States
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    Full outsourced EU Pharmacovigilance system

    Leading Generic company, North America

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