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Our aim is to provide a solution for your language needs by having the most qualified Translation Project Managers managing a team of industry-specific proficient linguists.

Our Process

In order to be able to offer quality translations, we must first define a process which would guarantee the correct execution of each task. We implemented an internal procedure that provides assurance, flexibility and complete control over the translation process.

We also understand that poor terminology management means inconsistency. That is why we use the best tools to manage your content so that we consistently translate the same terms, the same way, every time.

How we maintain consistency of future translations

Our translation process is based on the use of a Translation Memory (TM), with the aim of optimising the consistency of all future translations.

A TM is a database that stores the original texts in one language aligned with its translation in another. This may then be retrieved and used for current texts or for any future translations.

We expect to use specific software for all our projects, and recommend its use in order to maximise productivity with the re-use of content.

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