Leaders and Key Contacts

Leaders and Key Contacts.

Faster, better, smarter starts at the top… and keeps going!

#TeamYellow leverages strategic acumen, pharmaceutical expertise, and intercultural proficiency to make your vision a reality.

Below you’ll find information about our key management and technical team members.

Arriello’s founders & directors.

Alan White
Anna Lukyanova
Michael Sandys
Finance Director
André van de Sande
Executive Consultant to the Board

Technical consultants & directors.

Kieran O'Donnell
Vice President, Global Drug Safety
Helen Lowe
Auditing and Quality Assurance Director
Sandra Lourenço
Head of Regulatory Affairs
Sergio Costa
Project Management Director

Our pharmacovigilance advisory board.

Dr. John Price, Dr. Judith M. Sills, Dr. Panos Tsintis and Dr. Eric Caugant head up Arriello’s pharmacovigilance advisory board, bringing their extensive global experience to help shape and direct our future pharmacovigilance strategy and operations. 

Based evenly across the US and Europe, each of our board members commands a unique high-level industry insight, having worked with or for the EMA, FDA, MHRA, ICH, CIOMS and many other key organizations on national and global projects and initiatives.

John Price (Dr.)
US based PV expert.
Judith M. Sills (Dr.)
US based PV expert.
Panos Tsintis (Dr.)
EU based PV expert.
Eric Caugant (Dr.)
EU based PV expert.