Leaders and Key Contacts

Leaders and Key Contacts.

Arriello’s founders & directors.

Alan White
CEO and Founder

Alan's role is to lead the organization with the drive and energy required to continue to make the company a success. He has a close connection to the Commercial activities of the company, working closely with the Commercial Operations Director and Chief Marketing Officer.

Alan has worked in the Pharmaceutical space since 2005 but also has commercial experience in the IT, architectural and lighting sectors. It is this broad range of experiences that gives Alan a different perspective on the industry he works in.

Common to all these areas is his ability to problem solve and take a common-sense approach to situations. He has a close affiliation with clients – a people’s person.

Anna Lukyanova
COO and Founder

Anna oversees our Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory and Project Management teams, balancing keeping our clients super happy whilst developing and nurturing our growing team.

She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 2005 in the business development and operational areas.

Anna acquired her customer centric approach from the hospitality sector where she received extensive training and experience after graduating from university in the US.

She is a strong believer in leading by example and would not expect anyone to do something she was not prepared to do herself.

Vic Cowper

Vic is Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Board member at Arriello. Based in Dublin, Ireland. Vic is responsible for the commercial team comprising, Sales and Marketing, Vendor Management and Corporate Development. Working closely with Arriello’s operational and support teams, Vic leads the development and delivery of company commercial strategy and growth.

Vic has over ten years’ experience in the life science services sector in business development, project management and corporate roles in large global healthcare solution providers. Prior to joining Arriello he was a Director of Global Development in Quality and Compliance.

He holds two degrees, one in Marketing and a Master’s in Management Consultancy from UCD Michael Smurfit School of Business.

Ilanna Darcy

Ilanna has over 20 years experience in finance and has acted in capacity as CFO in both small privately owned companies as well as large publicly listed ones. Her career to date spans a range of industries, from retail and FMCG to telecommunications and Fintech. 

Ilanna is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and is passionate about driving continuous improvement.

Michael Sandys
Finance Director

Michael has been with the organization since 2011 and is currently responsible for ensuring that the group remains compliant in all contractual aspects. 

He is a Chartered Accountant with a wealth of experience in contract management as well as accounting and taxation. 

He graduated from EY with an FCA in Accounting. 

Michael is the Intragroup Finance Director at Arriello, based at our headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. 

Nicola Dowling
Nicola Dowling
General Counsel in Legal
Angela Greene
Human Resources Director

Angela has 15 years progressive HR experience in global multinational companies in IT software development and telecommunications industries. 

She has CIPD status from the National College of Ireland, and holds an Advanced Diploma in Applied Employment Law at the The Honorable Society of King's Inns, Ireland’s oldest school of law.

Angela is well known for keeping updated on the key components and latest developments in HR trends, the evolving workforce, and employment law changes.

Daithí O'Connor-Bray
Director of Project Management Office

Daithí has over 25 years’ experience, excelling in program implementation and delivery, strategy development, and process optimization, with extensive experience in cross-functional collaboration and project management. With a proven track record of driving impactful change initiatives and successful tenures at both multinationals and private companies, including pharmaceutical, finance, manufacturing, and construction industries.

His qualifications include a Masters in Strategic Quality Management, two degrees and accreditations in Finance, AI , and is a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. 

Chris Slack
Head of Marketing

Chris is a marketing leader with a career spanning over 25 years. He has worked in a number of roles covering strategic marketing, market insight, product and brand management and ABM. Sector experience includes electrical consumer goods, beverage ingredients and flavours (biotech), food safety & quality, and multiple life science sectors including supplements, medtech and pharma.

An active ‘Fellow’ member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Chris holds a degree in Advertising & Marketing and numerous post graduate qualifications, with 2 master level qualifications from both the CIM and IDM.

Contact Chris for all things marketing and customer experience (Cx) related.

Pharmacovigilance Team Leaders.

Sam Tomlinson
VP of Global Drug Safety

Sam has over 20 years strategic and operational experience in global Pharmacovigilance in both large pharma and small to medium sized pharma organizations.

Sam also has experience as an EU QPPV and her expertise spans across the product lifecycle from clinical trials, through post marketing and product discontinuation.

Additionally, she has managed and supported numerous Health Authority inspections including EMA, FDA, MHRA, ANSM, Health Canada, HPRA, and AIFA.

Sonia Mangnoesing
Director of Global Drug Safety

Sonia has 20 years of experience in global and local Pharmacovigilance in both large pharma and service provider organizations.

She has worked in a range of roles in the QPPV Office team, Clinical Safety, RSI management, Local Safety Officer support, QPPV Office support and Quality and Compliance management.

Her service provider experience includes extensive people management alongside project delivery, focused on compliance and consulting solutions.  

Katrina Goddard
Director of Global Drug Safety

Katrina has over 20 years experience within the global pharmaceutical industry, in both pharma and service provider organizations. Prior to joining the pharma industry, she was a member of the healthcare team as a clinical pharmacy specialist nearly 10 years, providing services in direct patient healthcare settings, across a variety of therapeutic areas.

Past industry roles have been within the areas of pharmacovigilance, quality, compliance, and business strategy. Within all past experiences, her duties have included leadership responsibilities and mentoring. 

VP of Regulatory, Quality & Compliance.

Kate Coleman
VP Regulatory, Quality & Compliance (Principal Consultant)

Kate has over 20 years’ experience in Quality Assurance, Sterility Assurance, Microbiology and Quality Control, and has worked across ATMPs, Biologics, Sterile Fill Finish, Vaccines, APIs and Oral Dose platforms.

Over her career to date, Kate has served as a practicing QP, Principal Consultant, and qualified Lead Auditor. She is also a subject matter expert in Commercialization readiness, Supply Chain GDP, MAH Compliance, Quality Risk Management, New Facility Design/Start Up, Quality Control and Sterility Assurance. In her previous role before joining Arriello, she was Senior Director for Quality Management and Compliance, and Head of QMC for Ireland and UK.

Kate is particularly passionate about the management of risk and the interdependence of Regulatory and Quality, as companies develop their strategies and processes and look more holistically at what they need, rather than operating in silos.

Regulatory Team Leaders.

Jayne Hunt
Principal Consultant, Regulatory Affairs

Jayne has over 30 years strategic & operational Regulatory Affairs expertise in pre & post marketing across the EU, UK, US, and other territories.

She has experience in multiple areas including ATMPs, biologics, small molecules, marketing authorizations and pre-marketing development activities.

This includes supporting interactions and meetings with regulatory agencies in Europe (National and EMA) as well as with the FDA & Health Canada.

Jayne holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of London.

Sandra Lourenço
Director of Regulatory Affairs

Sandra has more than 22 years of expertise in both the Pharmaceutical and Management Consultancy sectors. Throughout her career, she has actively engaged and made significant contributions during the initial phases of medicinal life cycles.

Sandra has successfully led numerous Regulatory consultancy projects on a global scale. Her accomplishments include the submission of over five hundred new abridged Marketing Authorizations in the European Union, utilizing both National and European procedures. This involved comprehensive work on the development of Modules 1, 2, and 3, as well as the adept management and response to deficiency letters. Additionally, Sandra has skillfully overseen the ongoing lifecycle maintenance of these products post-approval.

Quality & Compliance Team Leaders.

Kamila Erbanova
Quality & Compliance Manager

Kamila is the Quality & Compliance Manager  at Arriello and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Lead Auditor.

An enthusiastic GVP QA professional, she has an in-depth knowledge of GVP requirements and legislation, and extensive experience in implementing and managing PV Quality Management System processes, including PV QA auditing with Local PV Service Providers globally and Full PV System audits.

She also has experience with vendor qualification and management, PSMF maintenance, validation activities, and she is responsible for preparing CAPA plans and managing the CAPA process within Arriello.

Tibisay Estupiñan
Quality & Compliance Manager

Tibisay holds a degree in bacteriology and clinical laboratory operations and has over a decade of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry in quality management and quality control. Tibisay specializes in continuous process improvement, QMS implementation,  documentation management, deviations, root cause analysis and change management processes in compliance with both GMP and GVP.

She is an expert in GxP system validation and customized training development and has led QMS development, implementation and remediation.

Tibisay has also managed third party audit programs, coordinated programs of client audits and is certified in the management of quality systems according to both ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

Monika Čičová
Quality & Compliance Specialist

Monika, a PhD candidate in clinical pharmacy and a pharmacist by training, is an Arriello auditor.

A former EU Senior GVP Inspector, GCP Inspector (in training), she has extensive proficiency of these GXP requirements and legislation in the field of pharmacovigilance. Participating in more than 30 inspections, as a member of PV inspector's working group and while participating in the EMA international inspection team, Monika has gained broad PV expertise.

In addition to GVP inspection training, she has received EMA training on the mandatory use of the ISO/ICH E2B (R3) ICSR standard in the EU, and is fully trained in MedDRA.

Our pharmacovigilance advisory board.

Dr. John Price, Dr. Panos Tsintis and Dr. Eric Caugant head up Arriello’s pharmacovigilance advisory board, bringing their extensive global experience to help shape and direct our future pharmacovigilance strategy and operations.

Based evenly across the US and Europe, each of our board members commands a unique high-level industry insight, having worked with or for the EMA, FDA, MHRA, ICH, CIOMS and many other key organizations on national and global projects and initiatives.

John Price (Dr.)
US based PV expert.

Dr. John Price is an executive physician with deep experience gained from over 25 years working across the breadth of regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance worldwide.

He has created and led high-functioning global departments for pharmacovigilance, regulatory and clinical operations, medical writing and drug development, and held senior roles in the UK Medicines Control Agency (now MHRA), Pfizer, J&J, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, and academia.

Panos Tsintis (Dr.)
EU based PV expert.

Dr. Panos Tsintis has a total of over 30 years of pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and pharmaceutical medicine experience, from drug development to post-marketing.

Between 2002 and 2008 he was Head of Pharmacovigilance and Post-Authorisation Safety and Efficacy Sector at the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

He has also held senior positions at the UK MHRA as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Eric Caugant (Dr.)
EU based PV expert.

Dr. Eric Caugant has over 25 years of experience in Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety, Risk Management, and more broadly Pharmaceutical Medicine.

In 2017, he founded Pharmacovigilance Systems Consulting (PhVSC).

Prior to this Eric held senior positions, in various pharmaceutical and biotech companies, such as Alexion, Bayer Lilly, Wyeth and also the French Ministry of Health.


Our regulatory advisory board.

Dr. Howard Levy and Dr. John Price form Arriello’s founding regulatory advisory board, with a wealth of experience and knowledge to help define the future of our regulatory affairs services.

As with our PV advisory board, they bring their unique perspectives from both the US and Europe in clinical and post-marketing scenarios for biotechs and large pharma. They also bring their insights from direct experience with the EMA, FDA and many other key industry bodies.

Howard Levy (Dr.)
US based Clinical expert.

Dr. Howard Levy, M.B. BCh., Ph.D., M.M.M. has over 20 years of experience in Clinical Development, Medical and Regulatory Affairs in the pharmaceutical industry and has been Chief Medical Officer at 4 Biotechnology companies, and has consulted for numerous biotechnology start-up companies.

He has been involved in the development of 6 approved agents in the USA and Europe.

He is currently Chief Medical Officer at Ampio Pharmaceuticals and maintains a robust consulting practice.

John Price (Dr.)
US based PV expert.

Dr. John Price is an executive physician with deep experience gained from over 25 years working across the breadth of regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance worldwide.

He has created and led high-functioning global departments for pharmacovigilance, regulatory and clinical operations, medical writing and drug development, and held senior roles in the UK Medicines Control Agency (now MHRA), Pfizer, J&J, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, and academia.