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Meet the Team: Francisco Baptista
Regulatory Affairs Manager – Team Lead.

Francisco Baptista
Francisco Baptista
Regulatory Affairs Manager – Team Lead

Francisco holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Coimbra in Portugal and boasts over seven years of experience in Regulatory Affairs.

Throughout his career, he has demonstrably led different teams with a clear focus on both pre- and post-marketing activities within the Regulatory Department. 

He possesses extensive experience in overseeing the entire regulatory process, from crafting an initial regulatory strategy to securing final regulatory approval. This includes managing a wide range of regulatory activities such as new Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) submissions, variations, renewals, and other lifecycle processes, encompassing more than 30 different markets (EU, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania).

Additionally, he also carries experience in the coordination and management of launching new products and technology transfers.

Tell us about a day in the life of a Regulatory Affairs Manager – Team Lead.

In brief: every day is a happy day! Our Regulatory Affairs team is exceptional, and being part of it is truly delightful. As a Regulatory Affairs Manager – Team Lead, my role is easier with a team like this one. Each day is never the same, involving overseeing my team, serving as the primary point of escalation, and aiding them in achieving both their individual, the company’s and our client’s goals. Guiding and witnessing their professional and personal growth is undeniably my favorite task.

Additionally, I manage internal projects and contribute to business development in close collaboration with the Head of the Department, as well as managing and delivering activities on the projects in which I’m involved. I believe that my passion for Regulatory Affairs and my optimistic mindset foster a healthy environment where, together, we constantly seek innovative ways to enhance our processes and knowledge, ultimately delivering the best service to our clients.


What do you like best about collaborating with clients?

Allowing us to be part of their team is a privilege! We are given the opportunity to work closely with our clients, treating their products as if they were our own. This approach, for me, is the only meaningful way to work. Success is achieved through teamwork, effective communication, and building strong relationships.

Once I engage in a project, I fully immerse myself in its execution, dedicated to accomplishing our shared goal. The awareness that our efforts have a significant impact, positively influencing millions of people, serves as a powerful motivation. It propels me to surmount every obstacle and go the extra mile in our pursuit of excellence.


What is a current trend you are seeing in the industry and how does it impact our clients and patients?

I hold a highly positive outlook for the future of the pharmaceutical industry and, by extension, for the well-being of patients. In recent years, numerous new products, particularly for rare conditions, have been introduced, significantly enhancing people’s quality of life.

Amid the pandemic, we demonstrated the possibility of fostering close relationships and streamlining approval timelines. Consequently, there is a growing interest in breaking down barriers between regulatory authorities and companies, a development that benefits all stakeholders. By minimizing timelines, patients gain access to new medications sooner.

Arriello is actively involved in various Early Development projects, assisting companies in crucial initial interactions for a robust development strategy, leading to accelerated approval and commercialization of their products.


What is unique about working for Arriello?

Our strength lies in our team, diversity, flexibility, integrated services, and work-life balance! As a growing company with immense potential, our success is attributed to the technical and soft skills of our team, along with the extensive range of services offered across departments. This enables us to function as a unique point of contact for our clients.

It’s truly rewarding to note that, despite the diverse geographical areas, cultures, and weather conditions (ranging from a sunny southwestern Europe to a snowy northeastern Europe!), we share a familiar bond, as if we’ve known each other forever!

The positive atmosphere of mutual support and trust creates an ideal environment for us to excel, resulting in faster, better, and smarter solutions for our clients.