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Meet the Team: ‘Honza’ Jan Sychravý
Senior Graphic Designer.

‘Honza’ Jan Sychravý
‘Honza’ Jan Sychravý
Senior Graphic Designer

Honza holds a Master’s Degree in International Economic Relations from the University of Economics in Prague. He also studied in Australia and Germany. During his university years he already worked part time as a graphic designer and thus has more than 25 years of experience in design and production areas. Highlights of his working experience include leading an internal creative services team at Accenture in Ireland, along with a Czech production team in a printing and media agency. He also gave lectures in Photoshop and InDesign software usage to young designers.

Honza is Czech and is currently located in Prague, Czech Republic, but he has spent over three years in English speaking countries, thus he is fluent in English. He also speaks Slovak and German.

Tell us about a day in the life of a Senior Graphic Designer.

Most days I juggle with priorities. There is an online list of tasks to do, but there is also a pipeline of client facing support work, including event support. Both sources fill my day – either in a planned manner or on ad hoc “priority” basis.

As a result, I am never quite sure what I am really going to work on when I start in the morning, but I can be sure that my day will be interesting – filled with variety of projects, ranging from graphics for social media or website to larger print or digital “brochure” designs, as well as for production preparation, or formatting and visualization of PowerPoint slides.

What do you like best about your technical support role?

The best part? Seeing others shine through my work. My role is about preparing opportunities for my colleagues. They are the real experts in the fields related to our industry. My task is to be their expert on how to put their thoughts into the visually engaging formats, whether it’s a captivating e-book, a clear guide, or a presentation that packs a punch. I really like it when all that works out well, that means when our marketing efforts bring in real business opportunities.

Then it is the variety of projects I work on, that brings along a variety with software that I am using. It is no longer just Photoshop and Office applications, I’m constantly expanding my skillset, embracing video editing, animation, and even AI tools to stay ahead of the curve.

What is a current trend you are seeing in the industry and how does it impact your work?

I see less printed materials, which are getting slimmer and sharper. You do not want to print out on a nice and expensive paper 20 pages of your know-how, that is never going to be read in full by your potential clients – busy people as we all are. Most likely, they will just skim through it, right? But your competition might read it down to a detail and thus find out a lot from our precious knowledge.

In general, it is not one company that sets trends in our industry. We must watch carefully what our peers or clients do, what is common in business-to-business communication these days – in the online world or for instance during event presentations. That creates expectations that we would like to meet or exceed. To give you an example, if every exhibition stand but ours during some conference utilizes a TV screen to show an interesting animation, you can bet I’m already creating our own animation for the next conference.

What is unique about working for Arriello?

From a graphic point of view, the vibrant yellow color! The desire to look different and bold while being at least as good as the best!

Overall, I really enjoy being a part of an international team, working together under one brand, towards a common goal. Arriello is a very diverse company. I meet with colleagues using online tools from all over the world, which is interesting by itself and allows me to use my English-speaking skills, too.

Plus, I am also grateful that while we already are pretty large company in numbers, we are still not a huge corporation with many levels of approval and endless policies for every single thing. Arriello still retains some hints of working for a family company, owned and led by real people that you can meet in the office on a good day, not just an anonymous crowd of shareholders from a stock market, represented by hired managers.

Something interesting about your life outside of work?

I am a proud dog owner. My smooth collie ensures I walk outside at least twice a day and makes me smile many times a day. I am really glad that Arriello is a dog-friendly company, probably because our CEO, Alan, is also a proud dog owner himself.