Vanessa Fachada Oliveira
Vanessa Fachada Oliveira
Former Pharmacovigilance Manager and EU QPPV.

Vanessa Fachada is a Pharmacovigilance Manager and EU QPPV at Arriello.

She has a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and over 7 years of experience in pharmacovigilance, working in both the Pharmaceutical Industry and with Consultancies.

She is also an ISO 9001 qualified internal audit auditor.

Since 2014 Vanessa has acted as a deputy EU QPPV and/or EU QPPV for several companies and has extensive knowledge of MedDRA codification, xEVMPD, EU-RMP creation and PSUR medical writing.

Experienced EU QPPV.

ISO 9001 qualified internal audit auditor.