Women Leaders

Women Leaders.

Women in leadership at Arriello: a strength from the outset.

Strong female leadership and cross-company representation is something that has been a natural part of Arriello from our foundation in 2008. Women make up half the population, so why wouldn’t we reflect that in all aspects of our business? 

And because female representation is so deeply integral to our make-up, the company has become a magnet for talented women, attracting them into the full range of disciplines and positions.

From our COO and heads of Regulatory and Auditing and Quality Assurance, to our on-the-ground team leads, female representation is strong and visible throughout our company.  

So what appeals so much about Arriello as an employer and place of work? 

Sandra Lourenço
Director of Regulatory Affairs.

Sandra Lourenço

At Arriello, I honestly believe that gender representation is a non-issue. Everyone is treated equally and, from a ratio point of view, we actually have a higher percentage of women.


Women tend to be strong communicators, using this essential skill to create clear and open discussions. That clarity leads to trust, and faster decision making.

The ability to demonstrate empathy and passion without constraint can be highly motivating for others, encouraging their engagement and cooperation.


Women are generally excellent at multi-tasking too, allowing us to easily lead and develop multi-functional teams.

Noemi Žabka
Local Pharmacovigilance Team Lead.

Noemi Havlova

Seeing women in high positions is very motivating for younger females just starting their careers. As a leader, I really appreciate having a blend of both genders and multiple nationalities all of whom are able to demonstrate their abilities fully.


When a company’s top management cares about its people and wants to promote the best of them, you don’t need to think about gender.

Arriello has succeeded in striking the ideal balance of a family environment that fosters healthy competition.


Our priority is finding people who are motivated, proactive, team players and can fit into this ‘family’. Arriello offers that opportunity to everyone – and long may that continue.

Anna Lukyanova

Anna Official

I always wanted to run a company. Although when we started Arriello back in 2008 the concept of ‘Women in Leadership’ was widely talked about, for me this was simply something I had wanted all my life – to lead, to create something of my own, and to bring up other women around me to do the same in the future.


I’m glad to say that over the last decade and a half I have never once felt that, because I’m a woman, my voice hasn’t been heard or my opinion considered. 

We probably have a bigger ratio of women to men in total at Arriello, while in leadership positions the numbers are more balanced. I think that’s important, as women and men often approach things from a different perspective, so it’s good to maintain a balance. And of course, ultimately, it’s about who is the best person for the job.


It’s the individual we hire, the person who can contribute most to the future our company and its vision.