Arriello supports charity project
“Ježíškova Vnoučata”.

Together with the Czech public radio broadcaster TeamYellow embarked
on a remote CSR by becoming a “Secret Santa”.

No matter where you live, 2020 has been a challenging year for everybody. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has certainly changed the world of work, and put restrictions on movement, but it’s easy to forget how it has affected those outside the world of work and in high-risk categories such as the elderly, so the festive period was the perfect time for Arriello to embark on an unusual, remote CSR activity.

Together with Český Rozhlas, the Czech public radio broadcaster, #TeamYellow created a brighter Christmas, or Vanoce as they say in the Czech Republic, for those elderly folks with no families who couldn’t leave their home through the charity project, Ježíškova Vnoučata.  Arriello`s Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory, Quality, Project Management, Marketing, Financial and Human Resources departments became ‘Secret Santas’ for 6 people around the Czech Republic.

We wrapped and sent kitchen appliances for those, who thrive on experimenting with new recipes, office gadgets and electronics for those, who never stop exploring and looking for new information, and a TV and a pair of Virtual Reality glasses for those, who want to go stroll around…virtually!

It reminds us all that kindness, generosity, and charity towards others is within each of us, especially at a time where traditionally there’s a focus on loved ones, and people can feel very lonely and vulnerable.

Can you do something remotely to lift the spirits of someone in this position?

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