Klicek Foundation June 2019.

In preparation for the summer period, Arriello organised another visit to the Klicek Foundation, helping them prepare for their annual summer camp for kids.

The day consisted of many activities including the building of tents and tepees for the children to sleep, cleaning and reorganising the dining room, hay drying and the preparation of food and drink. The team had a valuable experience dedicating their time to this wonderful initiative, and in setting up the summer camp faster, better and smarter!

Founded in 1991, the Klicek Foundation’s main goal is to support, improve the life of, and care for terminally ill children and their families, both in hospitals and at home. Their work stretches across many different areas and has had a big impact on their community and those in need of help.

The Foundation is supported through donations, fundraising activities and the effort of its supporters.

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