Customer Experience
(CX) Program.

Building lasting and beneficial partnerships.

Our Customer Experience Program — what’s it all about?

Our aim is to match our delivery directly to agreed expectations relating to six key service ‘touchpoints’ by introducing a simple, standardized, quarterly survey that is easy to understand, complete and record.

The process is a simple scoring from 0 to 10 so that we can track issues or progress, and cumulatively look at those results across our client base to see trends that might show a wider strength or weakness that we can act on.

And action is exactly what is most important here because we know that without follow up and action where needed, you will lose confidence in the program and us, and that would absolutely be the worst-case scenario.

Each quarterly survey will be conducted by the CX program manager avoiding any bias and hesitation in coming forward with how you truly feel about the Arriello people you work with and how we are delivering.

We want to capture what matters to you, in the most actionable way.

Twice a year we will also measure your overall perception about us by asking you the simple Net Promoter Score (NPS) question – Would you recommend Arriello to a colleague or another company?

Of course, we will always try to go beyond those expectations wherever we can, and some feedback might be outside of the scope of the survey and require more attention, but we believe this program provides an excellent basis for transparent response, review, and action.

At the end we aim to have a combination of:

  • Quantitative information that provides a snapshot metric for baselines, trends, proof of improvement, feedback, promotion etc.
  • Qualitative information that tells the underlying story needed for analysis, and to action change.
  • NPS – A Net Promoter Score to indicate an overall assessment of sentiment.

The six key touchpoints and relevant governance agreements.

1. Communication touchpoint.

Are we communicating as expected, better, worse?

Communication governance.

Frequency, method, detail, who, etc.

2. Responsiveness touchpoint.

Are we as responsive as expected, better, worse?

Responsiveness governance.

How fast we respond to issues and notify, through which channels, and to who etc.?

3. Expertise touchpoint.

Are we demonstrating the level of expertise expected?

Expertise governance.

What level/volume was agreed would be on the project?

4. Transparency touchpoint.

Are our billing, details, and processes open and clear?

Transparency governance.

What was defined, shared, and signed about billing etc.?

5. Confidence touchpoint.

Do you feel confident in our management of the project?

6. Value touchpoint.

Do you feel you are getting good value from Arriello?

Some touchpoints have two parts, the scoring parameters, and the governance factors applicable which we will agree with you at the introduction of the program with you.

The governance factors ensure that the scoring is always related to what we agree with you, or your preference, for how we work together, rather than a subjective or arbitrary perception.

“Excellence in delivery matters. Customer experience matters. Client relationships matter. The objective of this program is to prove it for everybody.”

Rob Curtis
Chief Marketer, Arriello

What’s in it for you, our customer?

The tracking, review, and action in these six key areas of our delivery gets you to the service and experience you want as an Arriello customer and builds a solid relationship with us that you can evidence and trust. 

The key benefits for you are:

  • Efficient project management.
  • Active service quality reviews.
  • Continuous service improvement.
  • Confidence of delivery.
  • Real or perceived value increases.
  • Confidence to increase scope.
  • Business alignment.
  • Compliance and growth.

What’s in it for Arriello?

We get to see where we are and aren’t delivering the experience agreed because we want to create long, mutually beneficial partnerships beyond the transactional nature of individual projects.

At a minimum, the benefits to us are:

  • Efficient project management.
  • Competency snapshot metrics.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Insights for continuous improvement.
  • Business alignment.

And if we succeed in our aim to meet and exceed expectations, we hope that will lead to: 

  • Account retention – Repeat business from you.
  • Account development – More business from you because we have demonstrated our promise on service delivery.
  • Advocacy – Business from other customers where Arriello has been recommended because of that delivery.

Our CX program manager.

Sergio Costa 2022
Sérgio Costa
Customer Experience Director.

“I hope this program really shows our commitment to you, our customers, to developing the best service and advice possible, which in turn creates the best possible relationship and hopefully advocacy over the longer term.”

It’s not often that someone presents a win-win solution that really works for both sides, but in our new Customer Experience (CX) program that’s exactly what it is.

Much of what is in the program is already in place in different ways, and we have brought together these elements, with some new ones, and consolidated them into one, structured, documented and action-oriented form.

We hope this gives you a transparent and honest overview on the objectives our CX program, and why we truly believe this is a win-win situation for customers and Arriello.

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