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Accelerating the future of Remote Auditing.

An Arriello guide for auditors and auditees.

The impact of COVID-19 has greatly changed the way we do business, leading us to re-examine working practices, adapt to a new reality and alter the way we approach business processes overall. 

The valuable role of audits in examining and evaluating the effectiveness of pharmacovigilance systems is no exception; however, due to the pandemic, this mandatory activity had taken a back seat and taken second place in the priority list.

To successfully transition from on-site to remote audits within your company, preparation is key to ensure you get the results you need, without any loss of audit quality. 

Both auditors and auditees need to feel assured that the pharmacovigilance audit model can be easily replicated, so do make sure to follow our tips to iron out any potential issues. 

With the increased efficiency and flexibility that remote models can deliver; we believe that the future for successful pharmacovigilance systems is already here.

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