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Vendor Selection & Management:
Maintaining a robust safety profile through tighter supplier controls.

Quality without boundaries.

Throughout the drug authorization process and right across the marketing authorization lifecycle, license holders are responsible for ensuring the continuous monitoring of the safety profile of a medicinal product. 

This includes accountability for all third parties and contractors with a potential impact on that safety profile. These might be vendors, contractors, service providers, or consultants.

Relevant suppliers could include anyone from local distributors or qualified persons to IT system partners, security providers and even auditors themselves.

Arriello is unique in the market thanks to the end-to-end scope of our offering. 

We can manage and maintain PV agreements (vendor contracts); manage and check on vendors’ evolving status and details; work with you to create your audit strategy; and perform audits or run your audit program. 

We can also offer CAPA management and consultancy advice on QMS/VMS best practices.

Read more about how Arriello can help you in this guide.

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