Remote and Desktop Auditing

Remote and Desktop Auditing.

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Remote auditing has become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic and Arriello has embraced this shift, gaining extensive experience with this process. Let us support your organization with this approach and guide you as to when this can be used best.

Our feasibility questionnaire is used to ascertain how a remote audit can work for both auditee and auditor, and we also have a seamless process that will support your partner/vendor. 

Desktop audits are not to be confused with remote auditing and they also have a valuable place within the world of auditing. Arriello also has extensive experience in desk-top auditing and can best advise you how this valuable process can be used within your audit program. 

Desktop audits are not the same as risk-based Questionnaires and can be used instead of an onsite audit.

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Guide: Accelerating the future of Remote Auditing.

To successfully transition from on-site to remote audits within your company, preparation is key to ensure you get the results you need, without any loss of audit quality.

Both auditors and auditees need to feel assured that the pharmacovigilance audit model can be easily replicated, so do make sure to follow our tips to iron out any potential issues.

With the increased efficiency and flexibility that remote models can deliver, we believe that the future for successful pharmacovigilance systems is already here. 

We’ve packaged our top ten tips, for both auditors and auditees, in this great easy to understand Arriello guide.

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Webinar: Remote Auditing.

When the COVID-19 outbreak struck the world, everything stopped for a moment. It was, and still is, a major public health challenge and our approach to conducting business as usual had to be adjusted to a new way of working.

Both regulators and companies had to rise to the challenge, activate business continuity plans, and demonstrate they had systems in place.

Not all pharmacovigilance procedures needed to be changed, some needed to be slightly updated, but one of the key processes that most companies needed to adapt, was auditing.

Arriello’s Vanessa Fachada and Kamila Erbanova discuss how COVID-19 has accelerated the move towards remote auditing now being the default going forward, how to plan and prepare for remote auditing, and their top 10 tips for making the remote audit process smooth and efficient for both auditors and auditees.

Remote and Desktop Auditing