Project Management Overview

Arriello Enhances Global Drug Safety (PV) Project Management Approach.

We are announcing some significant changes we have made recently to our drug safety department designed to ensure streamlined communication and exceptional client service.

A Commitment to Streamlined Communication

Arriello has revamped its project management strategy to create a more dynamic and collaborative environment, providing a central point of contact and mirroring the structure of a client’s internal PV department. This approach fosters better long-term governance due to streamlined communication between our clients’ key stakeholders and Arriello’s team, ensuring all parties are aligned throughout the project lifecycle.

“We understand that good communication underpins a strong partnership,” said Sam Tomlinson, VP of Global Drug Safety, “By streamlining communication channels, we can better understand our client’s business needs and ensure that their key stakeholders are fully informed and involved in every step of the process.”

Experienced Leadership for Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

To support this approach, Arriello has built a team of Project Managers (PMs) who possess extensive experience in the field of pharmacovigilance. This experience allows for peer-to-peer conversations between our clients and Arriello’s team, fostering a deeper understanding of project needs.

“By having PMs who have come from industry they understand the intricacies of drug safety from a client’s perspective,” continued Sam. “This helps them anticipate change and fosters collaboration at a deeper level.”

Building Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Arriello’s commitment to client service extends beyond simple project execution. The company’s team considers not only the individual program but also the client’s broader business strategy. This ensures that the developed PV solution aligns seamlessly with the client’s overall goals and objectives.

“We go beyond simply managing a project,” said Sam. “Our team takes a holistic approach, considering the client’s business strategy to develop a pharmacovigilance solution that is not only effective today but also adaptable to future growth.”

Welcoming Zenda Geraghty to the Arriello Team.

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Arriello is excited to welcome Zenda Geraghty as a Global Drug Safety Senior Project Manager. 

Zenda brings over 15 years of operational experience in local and global pharmacovigilance across pharma and service provider organizations.

Zenda’s pharmacovigilance career began at ICON, where she worked across various functional teams throughout all stages of clinical and post-marketing trials. Since then, she has consistently expanded her pharmacovigilance expertise in areas including clinical safety, regulatory requirements, and risk management activities.

Zenda is passionate about delivering projects through a solutions-oriented approach, driving change with a focus on people management and open communication.

Her specific experience includes expediting process improvements, automation projects, preparation of aggregate safety data, and management of XEVMPD data for clients.

“We are thrilled to welcome Zenda to the Arriello team,” said Sam Tomlinson. “Her extensive experience and proven track record in pharmacovigilance will be invaluable to our clients.”

Other News

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