Project Management Overview

Project Management overview.

At the heart of our approach.

Good project management and subject matter expertise is an essential requirement in all industries to ensure projects run smoothly, especially in pharmaceutical development.

Arriello assigns an experienced, dedicated project manager (PM) and PM Deputy to every project with overall authority and responsibility for managing execution. Instead of juggling multiple parties, as a client you will have one Arriello subject expert PM acting as your single point of contact throughout the project for all countries and services, substantially easing and streamlining the communication flow for your internal stakeholders.

With an established “best practices sharing structure”, our PMs can implement more efficient ways of working throughout the project. Most importantly, our PMs work with you to provide the business and operational knowledge required to act as your strategic partner, advising you on your project’s operational and strategic needs.

We know from our clients that the ability to work directly with a trusted subject expert PM, who can guarantee high responsiveness, excellent service, and timely actions/advice, always exceeds their expectations.

I’m very excited to lead this great team that strives to ensure all client’s needs are addressed. The PM department has a client oriented approach with a strong continuous improvement mindset.

Our goal is to close the gap between all stakeholders by actively listening to the needs and ensuring that these are translated in the outstanding services delivered in the Arriello style – faster, better, smarter.

Sergio Costa
Project Management Director

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Running a tight ship: the importance of project management.

When biotech and pharma organizations outsource activities it’s too easy to neglect the importance of tight project management and stakeholder coordination.

Arriello’s COO Anna Lukyanova highlights the importance of not leaving outsourcing outcomes to chance.

This issue was also covered in a press article by Anna, October 2019. © Pharmafield

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Vlog: Project Management.

Arriello’s COO Anna Lukyanova talks about the importance of Project Management and how that should inform your choice of outsourcing partner.

Project management glues the pieces together and allows the experts to focus on the technical parts, and other stakeholders on their areas of responsibility.

If there are multiple parties involved, sponsor, vendor, various depts on different sides, then project mangement is a must.

Project Management Video Cover
Anna Lukyanova