Global Literature Monitoring

Global Literature Monitoring.

Patient safety means we’re always watching, everywhere.

Global Literature Monitoring (GLM) is a key element of a pharmacovigilance system and Arriello provides a complete GLM service, including monitoring of the EMA’s Medical Literature Monitoring (MLM) service, with full text review and assessment of safety information.

Arriello sees GLM as more than just a regulatory obligation, it provides early insight into safety issues and supports the creation of safety and aggregate reports. Literature monitoring also supports the signal management process, and influences decisions that inform the benefit-risk profile of your product, ultimately helping to protect your patients.

Our extensive experience in developing robust, search strategies and the construction of optimized literature queries allows us to search for published studies and information specifically relevant to the safety of your products.

We ensure the efficient assessment and auditable results documentation of any information that may impact study subject safety or require further investigation according to agreed periodicity.

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