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Anna Official Video
Video: Faster, better, smarter Pharmacovigilance.

Arriello's COO Anna Lukyanova talks about how we apply the principles of faster, better, smarter to Pharmacovigilance at Arriello.

Eoin Hanley video
Video: Arriello's faster, better, smarter culture.

Faster, Better, Smarter, reflects the sentiment we use to focus on staying agile to support our clients, and they are also very much part of what we are trying to do to support our employees.

Zuzana Durnak video
Video: Arriello's unique culture.

Arriello is a multi-cultural, friendly and open-minded place where people can learn, share their views and grow in every way. We aim to bring the highest-quality service to our clients with our faster, better, smarter promise.

Video: My Arriello Story – Noemi Havlova.

Arriello gave me the opportunity to join the team as a fresh graduate. Now I'm able to provide advanced technical support to our clients, which is a great achievement for me and a great boost to my professional confidence.

Anna Alan video
Vlog: PV automation adoption within pharma.

Alan White & Anna Lukyanova, Arriello's CEO & COO talk about PV automation adoption within the pharmaceutical industry and why is lagging behind other sectors.

Video: Pharma's Almanac interview.
Video: Pharma's Almanac interview.

Nigel Walker speaks to Alan White and Anna Lukyanova about leveling up gene therapy, managing pharmacovigilance, automation, and rolling AI into the process.

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