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Peter Embley
Why choose Arriello for Regulatory services by Peter Embley.

Arriello's Chief Regulatory Officer Peter Embley talks about how Arriello is positioned to offer a truly integrated service for biotech and pharma.

Anna Official Video
Video: Faster, better, smarter Regulatory Affairs.

Arriello's COO Anna Lukyanova talks about how we apply the principles of faster, better, smarter to Regulatory Affairs at Arriello.

Cecilia Avram video
Video: Regulatory Affairs Services – Pre-submission.

Cecilia Avram, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager at Arriello, talks about the many services Arriello can offer Pre-submission including dossier module creation M1-M5, CMC, full Gap analysis, dossier assesment etc.

Monia Nica video
Video: Regulatory Affairs Services – Pre-submission.

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager Monia Nica talks about Arriello's Pre-submission services including her focus on Module 1 preparation and publishing, gap analysis and dossier structuring.

Mihaela Trandafir video
Video: Regulatory Affairs Services – Readability User Testing (RUT).

Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist Mihaela Trandifir talks about Readability User Testing (RUT) of patient information leaflets, a service that Arriello has been offering to clients for more than 11 years now, which is why we are considered as global industry experts.

Irena Milobratovic video
Video: Regulatory Affairs Services – Submission.

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager Irena Milobratovic talks about Arriello's regulatory submission services including NCA representation, local Regulatory Intelligence, national phase and life cycle management, artwork translations, pricing, reimbursement and more.