Our first all-staff Conference, Prague, January 2023.

What an event it was.

This January saw Arriello’s first all-staff conference in Prague, and what an amazing success it was. Bringing teams from all locations together for a day and a half, the conference theme focused on the entire customer journey, from acquisition to potential advocacy, with each speaker session expanding on how to create the best customer experience at that stage.

And it was clear that the conference went well beyond people’s expectations, with an incredible level of teamwork going into case studies and project scenario exercises throughout the day. The amount of energy from teams carried on right into the evening – our teams were on a roll and keen to apply their skills through some friendly competition.

Event photos.

Our Expert Panel.

We also had an expert industry panel at the event to add their thoughts and advice from both their client and supplier side experiences, comprised of:

Dr. Tim Roe, CEO M2D Global Life Sciences.

Dr. Peter Kennerley, CEO Agos Pharma.

Andre van de Sande, independent consultant.

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How our people really think.

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During the conference we asked our people to identify key words that embodied their thoughts about a great customer journey, and the image above tells that story.

The idea that these attributes are embedded throughout the company is important, because they tell you that when you work with us, it’s not just the ‘A’ team that you meet at bidding that is impressive, it extends right through the company as we try to build great relationships and partnerships with our customers.

And then there’s trust, and flexibility, and productivity and… all the things that make a team of people great to work with, and a company great to work for.

Experience the atmosphere!

We also captured some of the feedback from our staff about their expectations from the conference, and their thoughts and takeaways after, which makes for fantastically honest viewing into how the conference went, and just how focused our teams are about delivering great customer service.

Arriello Winter Conference

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